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27 January 2010 @ 04:00 am
So one of my dominating hobbies is creating videos with Sims 2 or movies/tvshows.
For the past 4 months I've been making fandom videos and creating a script for a sims 2 series. Now that I'm almost done with the script/screenplay I want to get started on filming the series with Sims 2. However here's the problem, recently I found out that my computer will only let me do one or the other. What I mean is that the comp can't read one type of video file because it is programed to read another. Codec problems are such a drag. The only way I can switch back and forth is if I restored the computer back to factory settings each time, and I believe that wouldn't be wise really, and not to mention really annoying.
I've downloaded a codec pack K-Lite Codec Pack http://www.codecguide.com/ so that I could edit fandom videos (like from my own movie dvds) that are also .avi files. I use Sony Vegas 8 to make all my movies, however now I am unable to view any of my Sims 2 video's on Vegas, I can open it in the project media but it won't be accepted into the timeline. I tried uninstalling the codec pack but that didn't do anything, in fact it made it worse because then I wasn't even able to open my (tv/movie) fan videos either.
I also have Xvid and Any video Converter, I've attempted converting my sims 2 videos into mpg4 files on that program but they look like crap (even after having all settings on high)
I am able to open the files on WMM, but I'd really love to be able to just put them straight into Sony Vegas once again.
Ohh and now when I try to make videos in Sims 2 it only allows me to make with the VERY HIGH quality which is WAY too much and really slows down my computer. It takes a whole minute just too film one second which takes a whole GB!
Right now my computer has sony vegas set on reading only the fandom .avi vid files and I found out in order for me to be able to edit the sims 2 .avi files I'll have to restore the computer to get my old codecs back. Doesn't really make sense to me but someone was really nice enough to explain it all to me on sims2.com and I don't really know of any other way to fix this.

Have any suggestions?
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15 November 2009 @ 10:41 pm
If you could have one extraordinary talent, what would you choose and why?

Extra ordinary so beyond ordinary talent like a super power? That's something I've been thinking about a lot lately and frankly I have too many thoughts on it. So instead of listing only one of them I'll list all because what is a writers block exercise if you cant write everything you think.

One would be to have the ability to travel through space and time... Like Hiro in Heroes (or be a Jumper) I would love to see the world through my own eyes with no hassle of transportation, and also see history as it truly was.

Another would be to have the ability to become anyone I wish, just like going into someones shoes and experiencing their life and if I wanted the world to hear/see my wisdom through a well known person I could do that by becoming them. And I would have their skills in what ever they do so if I wanted to learn how to dance I'd just become the best dancer I know and learn how to dance from being them. (I love acting so that might be part of the reason why this sounds so intriguing to me)

Then there would be the possibility of creating anything with anything... Like creating a mushroom from a piece of plastic. Having that ability would allow me to create amazing food from nothing and send it to all the third world countries.

I would also love having an amazing memory basically to have photographic memory would make life SO much easier.
I have created yet another Draco and Hermione music video, even though I'm not a huge shipper for this couple (I love that Hermione ends up with Ron in the books). However Draco has begun to grow on me and I always loved Hermione's character. I adore creating stories that haven't be told yet, and you know a romantic relationship between the two hasn't been written in the books. Anyways hope you check it out and don't forget to tell me what you think in the youtube comments or here... or both. Dedicated to my 350+ subscribers... My goal is to have at least 600 by the next year.

click the image

I'm also having trouble finding a nice free LJ layout that I can edit. Anyone know of a good site or journal that has great ones to use, preferably ones where I can get a sidebar and an image into? This one I have right now isn't what I want anymore.
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29 October 2009 @ 07:58 pm
Oh boy! Nah it's really fun. Just went to a very fun Halloween party today, got my fill of wine for the week. Ahh but thats not all for my Halloween parties of the year... Going on a pirate ship in my Renaissance queen outfit on Saturday. Should be excellent. Then next week we're going to Manzanillo, which is a city on the main land of Mexico, I hear it's less touristy so I'm excited about that too. Ah Yes Life is Good!
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26 September 2009 @ 08:41 am
Yesterday I arrived back in Munich from Zurich. Last night was rather oh I don't know the word for it not romantic but sweet... I put the blinds down for the room I'm staying because practically everyone who is walking past my aunts house can see into my room. But this time I chose to keep one blind up for no real reason at all, just because I felt like it.
As I was on my computer watching 500 Days of Summer I hear a knock on the open window and I kinda freaked out then I saw this cute guy waving at me and so I immediately thought that he was one of my aunts neighbors friend or something and couldn't get in the complex or something. So I opened the window and asked in German "Can I help you?". He talked to me in German and of course it was so quick I had to say I couldn't really understand him. We sort of played charades with words for a while until I realized he wasn't trying to get into the house, so I asked him why he knocked on my window. With his broken English he tried to explain to me that he saw me with a straight face and wanted to see me smile. Haha sounds corny but never met a guy make up a pick up line with such difficulty. He was cute and I was bored so I let him talk to me for a while. Now it feels like I was watching that moment in a movie or something, it all seemed so unrealistic.
After about an hour of talking outside I heard my aunt calling me, I felt like a teenager, sneaking out the house to talk to a boy who knocked on my window. I was just outside the walls of the house, I wouldn't really sneak somewhere unknown with a "new friend".
So after I hugged telling him I had to go and turned to leave he took my arm gently turned me around and gave me a soft kiss on the lips... like in my icon, it felt just like that.
I have to say that was the first sober kiss I've had... how sad is that?
Danke... Fabian, now because of him I have a new idea for a part in my story :)
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17 September 2009 @ 08:55 am
It has been months since I've posted anything... Not that anyone really cares, I think. Probably because I haven't kept in touch with any of you and I'm sorry :( I've been traveling more this year then any year in my life well except for 2000, I went to 14 different countries then. (I'm not rich, neither is my family, we are just traveling addicts) In February I was in Las Vegas for a weekend seminar. Then in June I went to Virginia, July- Los Angeles, August- Switzerland, September- Germany (I'm there right now). In beginning of October I go to San Fran, then down to Mexico for a month till mid November and then I'll finally be home in Hawaii. And next year I move... to either LA or London (I pray its the later, I always wanted to live there for a couple years), not quite sure yet which one will work out better.

I've been too lazy with a lot of things lately, mainly cause I want to visit these places like a tourist and not be on the computer all the time... however who knows how well that will keep up, I've been working on several new videos (one sims 2, one LOTS, and one HP)
Life is awesome here AND COLD! It's good I don't have a boyfriend because I would be missing him, but sometimes I get so lonely and sad (probably because I miss everyone back home), there are so many couples in Munich. I'm glad that I have family here in Europe to live with though.

The other day I felt like I fell in love and then got my heart broken all in one minute, you know how? I found out that Muse is coming to Germany two days before I leave so when I saw this Muse poster about it I went to my aunts house to search it then saw they were coming to Berlin the two days before I leave... and the concert in Munich wouldn't be till November 20th (which also happens to be my sisters birthday and when New Moon comes out XD )... I DIED!!!! MUSE IS GOING TO BE HERE AND I WON'T BE HERE!
Muse has to be one of my favorite bands ever, along with Kings of Leon, U2, ColdPlay, Snow Patrol, One Republic, Fray... but MUSE is #1 or 2 can't decide but yeah and uhhh I have a bad headache now bye.
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26 May 2009 @ 11:45 pm
It's been another while since I've posted here in LJ.
I'm now 22 and I thought, what am I doing in my life? I feel like it's passing me by so quickly.
I'm.... OBSESSED with this new show, hopefully you've seen it if you're a fantasy freak like me. Called "Legend of the Seeker", which of course is my favorite show at the moment. I can't stop thinking about Richard! He's so delicious! I'm really jealous of Kahlan/Bridget.  And Zed is so awesome he is the comedy of the show. It's funny how I find older men like Bruce(Zed) and John(Walter from Fringe) cute(in a grandpa way) and think they could take over the whole show.  That show makes me want to move to New Zealand so I can beg the producers to let me be in the show, even if I could just be in it for one minute that would make my whole year a feeling of utter bliss.

Ahh yes I will be making many LOTS graphics in the near future, and a favorite LOTS moments of season 1 with little picture spassing.
I really wish I could do it now, but my photoshop isn't working :( I'm devistated as many graphic arists might be.
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02 April 2009 @ 09:38 pm
Wow it's been forever since my last post.   HOW IS EVERYONE?

So I went to Wal*Mart today to go quickly in buy Slumdog Millionaire and leave soon after, however that did not happen.  With the knowledge that I was going to get a rather large tax refund compared to last years refund, I decided to cave in and buy Twilight as well.  Thats not it though, I also bought 3 more DVD's so in my hands I had Slumdog Millionaire, Twilight, Australia, Happy Feet, and Millions. Yeah I never went that far with DVD purchasing, however I figured it was alright since I actually haven't bought a DVD since Prince Caspian (How could I say no to the handsom Ben Barnes?)  And I still need to buy Dark Knight,  yes even after hearing Chistian Bale's rant and love for the f word  I still think he's a great actor, maybe he just wasn't having a good day that particualr day, that happens it's not uncommon  (so excited for Terminator Salvation in May!)

Anyways when I got home my cousin got excited about Twilight so we watched the deleted scenes and half the movie which made me remember I wrote a poem related to Twilight like sometime last year and never posted it.  So here it is.. A Bella poem to Edward.  I think this is the first poem I actually finished.

I feel your heart melt into mine

As we let our souls intertwine

This kiss so passionate and true

Is what keeps me away from you

My heart grows older at each fading beat

For I yearn to finally have our lips meet

Don’t let my blood deceive your thirst

Because living without you is much worst

Take me now, and forever hold your peace

For if you should go, I will surly decease

I like creating poems now, do you think I should write more?
01 February 2009 @ 05:49 pm
So for the last week or so I haven't been able to use my HP laptop computer because it was dead, broken, kaput you name it.  So yesterday I went to geek squad to see if I could get it fixed in anyway, they said it was possible however it would cost me like 600$ because I needed to buy a new mother board.  I thought you know what I don't want to risk paying 600$ and then maybe getting it broken again within 6 months.  I thought about it and realized my sister has had a mac for a longer time than I've had my PC which is 2 years. Surprisingly her's still works.  Long story short, I used to always get an HP computer and now I've finally converted to becoming a Mac girl, and I love my new computer... so far so good ;)
Cost me about 2,800$ for my new 15" laptop and the applications I got (apple care 3 year warrenty, final cut express, and iwork)  however even though you might think its expensive think about how much I'm saving by keeping it for around 4 to 5 years rather than getting a PC that cost around 1,500$ every 2 years.  Yep and not to mention its got 350GB of hard drive and it runs with 2.58GHz or something like that. I fell very high tech right now... I'm gonna go follow the rest of the sheep now... Toddles.

Oh yes and tonight I'm going to see Slumdog Millionaire again, I'm extremly exited for that :D yay.
Haha yeah mainly pointless post however I had fun typing with my new keyboard.
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14 January 2009 @ 03:15 pm
New update with my fave new actor who was in the Spirit (Gabrielle Macht), favorite new show (Fringe), favorite new character (Rhino from Bolt) and favorite new movie (Slumdog Millionaire)

[8] The Spirit
[12] Fringe
[16] Bolt
[20] Slumdog Millionaire [2] wallpapers

Cutting wood? No, human tissueCollapse )